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For thousands of years, people have been making objects of wood. The challenge for a wood artisan is thus to explore new variations on established ideas. I use a wide variety of Native American woods to create pieces that can reflect my vision of the role of artistic expression. Creativity, whether in wood, paint, metal, glass, fiber, relationships or politics, is essential to making the most of what there is. While it is easy and comfortable to go with what is known, that often leads to complacency, repetition of old patterns and tunnel vision. To me, art is about thinking outside the box……it is about looking at what is and discovering how to configure and shape existing elements in new ways. My work reflects a fluid union of form and function that adds visual interest to home or office environments.
While much of my work is the result of inspiration from trees, other objects and fantasy, it can also be a consequence of working with art lovers who want to be a part of transforming their ideas into reality. My 25 years of experience as a wood artisan combined with a never ending thirst for new ideas provides a foundation for exploring new frontiers……and keeping the work fun and challenging.

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